Agony In The Garden.
A Picture Of Christ.

I saw Your hands outspread,
1 saw them touch her head
And heal the wounds which bruised her brain;
Gentle hands, reached out in pain.

1 saw Your arms outspread,
Gentle arms
Into them 1 saw her tread;
 I'd prayed You would let her go
Healed and rested, back to this life's throe.

And there I too found rest
In the gentle arms outstretched,
And lingered with my child awhile
 In the bosom of Your breast.

But she desired to tarry there.
Despite the pleading of my prayer,
 Ah can I blame her that she stayed
Within the arms her debt had paid;
 For healed she was from this life's woe
And wanted only the life You know,
Where pain and sorrow dwell no more
 The life that beckoned at God's door.

1 see Your face in passion's throe
 Your hands and arms reached out in prayer,
 And climb in them a little while
Blessed comfort ‘cause You care.

                                   © Helen Catherine Cramer
                                             February 1983

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