I'm so tired my God,
So muddled and so messy –
That 'tis You I go for blessing
To clear my burdened rod.

My days are often havoc
My nights a restless dream
But in the blessing of your giving
I keep above the stream.

I wonder where the hours are,
The seconds, minutes beat
 But I know You're there beside me
Each new day 1 meet.

I lay aside my worries
I leave them in your hands
For the road that I have chosen
Is beyond my human scan.

You take the stolen minutes
And turn them into hours
You stand with strength beside me
 And hear my silent vow.

That in faith I shall not falter
Though I stumble through each day
To clear the silent altar
Of prayers I've prayed that day.

You'll not worry that I'm messy
Nor had a muddled day
For You'll join it all together
The wished for which Ipray.

You’ll tidy up the muddle
And tie the messy ends
If I but place my trust in you
So that earth and heaven blend.

 © Helen Catherine Cramer
17th February 1983

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