Mathew 14:27.

Tossed with rough winds, and faint with fear,
Above the tempest, soft and clear,
What still small accents greet mine ear'?
'Tis I; be not afraid.

'Tis I who led thy steps aright;
'Tis I, who gave thy blind eyes sight;
'Tis I, thy Lord, thy Life, thy Light.
'Tis I; be not afraid.

"This bitter cup fear riot to drink;
I know it well -- oh! do not shrink;
I tasted it o'er Kedron's brink.
'Tis I; be not afraid.

"Mine eyes are watching by thy bed,
Mine arms are underneath thy head,
My blessing is around thee shed.
'Tis I; be not afraid.

"When on the other side thy feet
Shall rest 'mid thousands welcomes sweet,
One well known voice thy heart shall greet.
'Tis I; be not afraid.

"From out the dazzling majesty,
Gently He'll lay His hands on thee,
Whispering: "Beloved, lov'st thou me?
'Twas not in vain 1 died for thee,
'Tis I; be not afraid.”­

Anon. prior 1865.

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