A tear glistening, raised still to fall,
Caught in repose on your dear, dear face,
A man made crucifix, which despite its grace
Can never replace the original face.

Why the tear, is it for me?
Have I hurt you throughout the year?
When filled with grief I've blundered through
Perhaps not thinking enough of you.

'Twas a fleeting thing, seen no more
And now the face is as before,
Suffering, lonely, silent love
Is that the message you left thereof.

Then take my pain that I may gain
A place with you despite my grief;
And unite it with the cross
On which You died at Calvary .

        © Helen Catherine Cramer

   November 1982.
  © Photography: Helen Catherine Cramer

Photograph of crucifix
St. Catherine Laboure's Church Gymea, NSW, Australia. 1982.
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'Day by Day.'
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