The hands on the face tick away,
Counting the seconds and minutes sway;
Touching the hour, they've never stopped
The years between since you I lost.

The silver band on your wrist that lay,
 Scratched in memory of that day,
Now rests so sweetly against my skin
 A soothing reminder that you're safe with Him.

For just as the hands have not stood still,
 1 know that you're living on yonder hill,
 Though the river may us separate
 A veil dim yet the golden gate.

Tick on sweet watch and bring me near,
 The one I love and hold so dear,
 For what is time but a moment now
 Blessed completely with our Saviour's vow.

Weep not my friends and do not fear,
 My Father's home is very near.
 Where I now go, you too will know
 A haven blessed, because He loves you so.

         © Helen Catherine Cramer
          January, 1985.

Cathy had this watch on at the time of the accident.

It has not stopped in that time.

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