Have you ever watched a second's hand,
 Wondered the time now gone
In that moment been
A phase of life, perhaps not seen
 But gone lost the present day?

Have you ever watched the minute clock
Passing hand the time of day
And yet not thought of the hour to come
 N’er repeated in this day?

Have you ever let a day pass through
 Not thought of God, or His love for you?

Have you closed your eyes
On the dark of night,
Unaware that in His might,
 He may cancel moments, minutes, hours
And claim the day His not ours?

For what is time
 But a gift of God,
Given to man now earthly shod.

And come the time when He calls your name
Can you free your body without pain of shame,
Farewell the moments, minutes, hours
And claim life eternal as promised thou?.

            © Helen Catherine Cramer

            February, 1983

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