What a joyous day it should have been,
Twenty years this third of May;
Your voice so sweet, 1 hear it clear,
No longer a teenager, the conquering cheer.

The teens were lost along the way,
 And yet they had a part to play;
Thirteen such a memory year,
Coloured with laughter and many a tear.

Fourteen, fifteen, we struggled on,
I'm not a child, your oft sang song.
Sixteen blossomed womanhood,
Seventeen yourself you understood.

Seventeen years just bear begun,
Touched the earth as the rising sun;
 And as it dies, so did you,
Beauty taken from my view.

For just as the sun gives way to night,
 You were called to another life.

And just as the stars and moon shine through,
God in His love called out to you:
'Your remaining teens are with Me best spent,
Earth's seventeen were only leant.'

Eighteen, nineteen, I've yearned for you,
Twenty now coloured with a different hue;
The teens now gone, God's wisdom ne'er wrong,
Heavenly birthday darling, my prayerful song.

© Helen Catherine Cramer

Written 3rdMay, 1984.

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