'Tis Saturday - you're just away –
Whilst others busy to be about
You're just away.

Then why this pain
Why this dread?
Because my darling I know you're dead.
Yet just away.

Blood of my blood
Flesh of my flesh, I mourn for thee.
Bone of my hones, and flesh of my flesh
I yearn for thee.

To touch, to see and to hear
Yet you're just away.

So close and in God's care
Deep within I feel you near
As memory has you sitting there
So close to me. I hear your voice
 My soul rejoice

And in my grief I say this prayer,
Please God let me know you care
For those who grieve and need your help
To face each day, and nights as well
When those we love
Are just away.

               © Helen Catherine Cramer
                24th  October 1981

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