Oh God, please touch me
Let your Holy Spirit fill me
So that I may rest in your mercy.

Only you and I know the extent of this agony
That saps my strength so that my spirit
Seems to drown in its anguish.

Do I have to forget my child to he healed?
Or can I remember and love her with an inner peace.

To forget her would really be death
Both for Cathy and for me.
And you promised Lord‑
'He who believes in me shall never die
And even if he should die, he shall live forever.'

So I throw myself on your mercy
Take my will, my whole being
And guide me through this time
So short compared to eternity.
That my grief will not destroy myself
Nor those I touch.

But rather lift me from this dark despair
To the light of your love, of your compassion
That I may learn to comfort others
And delight in the love of my child
Though gone from sight, with Thee
And therefore very near.

                  ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                  Written 19th October 1981

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