Give me strength my darling,
 That I may find a way
To stop the pain that haunts me
All night and through the day.

'Twas in love that I conceived you,
And in love I watched you go
 To God our wondrous maker
For reasons I do not know.

Yet that He does love you
And need you just as I,
I send you freely darling
To your home where God abides.

I ask for strength my darling,
To live this life ordained
To take my cross and follow
Until we meet again.

To live my life with others
Some who share the pain,
To share the world with laughter
When sadness shadows same.

'Tis a journey we all encounter
A one way ticket blessed
By God our Heavenly Father
 In whose love, we rest.

We know not when He'll call us,
Or how that call will come,
But it's a call we all must answer
When this life's work is done.

So pray for me my darling
That I shall not be ashamed,
To meet my God, my maker,
And hold you in my arms again.

                  ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                      August 198I

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