Prayer to God

Please my God relieve this pain
Which scourges my spirit I know in vain,
All my tears and calling of name
Will not bring Cathy back again.

I can weep and rant on bended knee.
My eyes searching Heaven for her face to see.
She's safe in your glory, life's troubles gone
Blessed by you in Eternity.

I ask my God you take my hand
And lead me through this harrowed land,
To do your work ordained for me
Until Cathy's face again I see.

To hear her voice and touch her hand
My senses cry out in agony.
Do not forsake me, God I pray
Less in desperation I should stray
To leave the work you have ordained
To Satan's hopeless testimony.

To those who grieve he gives no peace
Forever waiting new souls to seek.
He roams with weapons false in creed
To take us Lord so far from Thee.

So guide me God along the way
This journey you have chose for me
Give me strength to travel well
he road which leads to Eternity.

                       ©Helen Catherine Cramer

                               August 1981

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