There is a boy whose face I see
And for him too I grieve
He was what friendship's all about
Loyal friendship, true, devout.

He was always there when you needed him
A true friend, not just a whim.
He came when you called and listened long
When the world around you seemed all wrong.

He loved you so he stood aside
Happy always to abide
Whilst others took you away from him
The heart he hoped one day to win.

I see him now beside your bed
The months my darling before you were dead
He held your hand and prayed you'd live
To receive the love he had to give.

No matter the scars, nor tempered pace
He knew his friendship had a place
To guide you through the years ahead
A promise he gave beside your bed.

And when you died he came to me
A place to cry, a place to grieve
He wanted nothing but to live
A life in which he had love to give.

I see him now at my door
The night he came just as before
I hear his words as we said goodnight
A promise of friendship to last us through life.

But God looked down on this special boy
And decided his grief could be turned to joy
So fourteen days after your funeral my love
He called him home to Heaven above
On his hike that skid, he hit a post
And went to join his Heavenly Host
Where you were waiting at the door
To continue the friendship as before.

                                                   ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                                                    16th January 1982

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