The Golden Link

Still my grief my God
That I may stop and think
Of the reason we were born
And of this life's golden link.

Our flesh is but a covering
Our bones a brittle frame
The blood that surges through us
A food to feed the same.

Our brain the body's driver
Helps us to see and think;
But the soul that lives forever,
Is this life's golden link.

Our hearts may heat and falter
Our lungs as balloons collapse
But our souls they never falter
Because my God you hold the reins;

You lead us gently to you
The spirit now let free,
Our troubles all forgotten.
As we rest in Thee.

So rest my darling daughter,
In God's eternal love;
I know not when I'll see you
But the link I know is there
Which will guide me home to Heaven
God's home for man to share.

You'll he waiting at God's doorway
You'll help me on my way
And my soul shall sing God's glory
For I know He holds the reins
Of the golden link that guides us
Until we meet again.

He'll wipe away all anguish
And memories restore
When I see your face my darling
Again at Heaven's door.

                       ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                              24th October 1981

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