Met a man at the grave
mourning his wife dead eighteen months.
How do you manage, he wanted to know
When the loss of a loved one is such a blow,
It empties our spirit and cancels out dreams
So that the cross that we carry
Is beyond our means.

We search for a meaning
To face each day
For God and our loved one
Seem so far away.

We visit the grave
And busy there
Yet the pain within
Reaches despair.

How do I manage,
I replied to him
Is to do as you're doing
And follow each whim
I water the grave and grace it with flowers
And finger my rosary throughout the long hours
Calling on Mary for suffering she knew
When Jesus, her son, left her to grieve too.

She knows of our pain
And He didn't forget
When He turned to the Apostle
And Mary elect
A message of promise
A comfort in grief
To care for each other as life turns a new leaf.

A passage in time
Through the life that we live
Until the journey is ended
And we're united with Him.

He'll banish all sadness
And wipe away tears
In the dawn of tomorrow
Un-numbered in years.

                                             ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                                                   9th December 1981

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