There's a stool in the vestibule
Where two young people sat
To work out life's philosophy
The night before the crash.

I watched you from the living room
And pretended not to see
Though I knew that frequently
Your glances fell on me.

I wonder what your thoughts were
What words you spoke that night
For God has taken both of you
To share another life.

You did not go together
One was left to grieve
The weeks my darling daughter
Before he, too joined thee.

As I look into the vestibule
 I see you sitting there,
Two children of God's loving
Two children soon to die
And the memory of you lingers
So that I can only sigh.

Please God in love enfold them
In your caring arms embrace
The two children in the vestibule
In your loving grace.

                                               ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                                                  16th December 1981

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