It's strange I now ask your advice
And seek your help to walk this life
When as a babe in my arms you laid
Dependant, small and trusting.

I raised you through your childhood years
Shared your laughter and your tears
Childhood myths and fairytales
Missing teeth and Santa Claus
Easter bunnies, goblins too
Games I loved to play with you.

Through adolescence we stormed a path
Often frantic, though at times we'd laugh
When memories laid things in the past
Like brows you plucked till none at all
And hair that turned an orange ore.
And as the years gathered speed

I found it harder to fill your need
So I stood on side and watched you grow
With prayer in heart and arms outheld
To catch you darling if you fell
Whilst still a blossom, still to bloom
On the verge of womanhood.

God I've found watched you too
His arms outheld more wise than mine
He saw a gentle loving soul
Prone to hurt and easily bruised
So He plucked you from this earth
And took you home with Him to grow.

And I am left to wonder why
The child I bore is no more
But full of wisdom more than I.
The tables turned she stands on side
With prayer in heart and arms outheld
To guide me through this walk of life
A stumbling walk to Paradise .

                                 ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                                       8th January 1982

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