We seem to give them back to Thee, 0 God,
Who gavest them to us. Yet, as Thou didst
not lose them in giving, so do we not lose
them by their return. Not as the world giveth,
givest Thou, 0 lover of souls. What
Thou givest, Thou takest not away for what is Thine is ours also
 if we are Thine. And life is eternal and love is immortal,
and death is only an horizon, and an horizon is nothing, save the limit of our sight.

Lift us up, strong Son of God, that we may see further;
cleanse our eyes
that we may see more clearly;
draw us closer to Thyself that we may know ourselves
 to be nearer to our loved ones who are with Thee.
And while Thou dost prepare a place for us, prepare us
also for that happy place, that where Thou are we may he also for
                                                           Fr. B. Jarrett, 0.P

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