Today's our anniversary
The day I was a bride
To wed your dad my darling
With a heart so full of pride.

My dreams I hardly knew them
And had not thought of you
Though I looked towards a family
With a husband still so new.

God blessed us with four children
And a love that battled through
The years that held their problems
But joyous moments too.

Then He looked at us my darling
And knew He wanted you
The youngest of our children
Though He knew our love was true
So He took you home to Heaven
Your anniversary too
Four months have gone my darling
Since God reached out for you.

The bride has lost her dreaming
The groom is scarred so deep
That thirty years and one
Is a day we can only weep.

Yet we thank our God my darling
For having lent us you
For the years we shared together
Until He wanted you.

And we'll share an anniversary
Where tears give way to joy
One day within God's Kingdom
Which death cannot destroy.

© Helen Catherine Cramer 
2nd December 1981

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