Ah the months that you lay there
Fighting death
And I despair.
With rising hopes I'd see you win,
Time again against the thing
That scourged your body
And what of pain?
Did you suffer time again?

And when they said that you would live
Was it just a gift to give
That I could share the journey through
Quiet moments just with you.?

Did you dream in that extended sleep
Silent voice, yet to God did speak
And vacant eyes which stared in space
Were they resting on His face?

And when you groaned within my arms
And your thumb caressed my own to calm
What words I wonder would you have said
‘Cry for the living and not the dead.

‘For in this sleep I've had a dream
And half way home to God I've been
If you let go, He'll let you know
That to Him I had to go.
I've had a choice and the one I've chose
Is life immortal for the living soul.’

Ah the battle now is done
And life eternal you have won
So rest my darling despite my grief
No more the painful extended sleep.

Pray for me that I too may know
The reason why you had to go
To God so soon when I loved you so
Future dreams your death has stole.

I’ll not see the blossoming of your youth
And in painful longing seek the truth,
Your death is done, mine yet to come
And your life you've already won.

Be by me side, when I too must die
So that with Him I may abide,
I'll see your face so filled with grace
And then I'll know the reason why
Whilst still so young and at my side
God called you as His heavenly bride.

                                 ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                                          23rd January 1982

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