I had to leave my darling
That you could go. I had to sever
The earthly ties which held you to me
For you knew my grief, hope and final despair
When despite my loving, death was there
To free your spirit when I let go.

I could not linger the final walk
To hold you back and minutes stalk
Your peace of soul, moments stole
To keep you mine, when life's divine
And so my darling I let go.

All day I'd busied by your side
Massaged limbs and prayed inside
 That God provide His grace to guide
Yet in desperation still I cried.

And so I kissed your loving head
And my final prayer as I left your bed
Was God take care of this child of mine
For in spirit she is Thine.

And so I waited quietly by
The hours before you were to die
And when again beside your bed
The final words that you were dead
I looked on your face and loved you so
Yet I knew, you had to go.

For the body there with spirit gone
Now in peace from all earthly wrongs
Was not the child I bore to life
But a reminder of the light
That fills our souls with a heavenly glow
When it's time for us to go
To God our father, when this life is done
To live eternally, with Jesus His son.

                    ©Helen Catherine Cramer
                        31st January 1982

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